Macmadigan Oy - business development and private investment


Having worked over 30 years in various international business development and executive roles I have decided to share some of this experience with companies like yours. You can call me and Macmadigan Oy as your personal coach to plan for next steps in how to make your strategy happen.

Fintech and newtech advisory

Artificial intelligence, Fintec innovations, distributed ledger are words in the press. I can help you to understand whats is the impact of those to your business.

Management coaching

As a trained coach I can help key management to navigate through difficult situations and change projects by increasing the focus at key issues and personal development.

Strenghtening the board room

If you feel that your board room is missing strategic with focus at execution I am happy to join as a permanent member or for a 3-5 sessions to help you in clarifying the strategy and plans.

Funding and investments

Particularly for startups finding early funding is a key to success. I can help you to make a top notch investor pitch and possible even make small seed investments.

About the company

MacMadigan Oy was founded in 1995 as a private investment and development company. Through out the years it has developed products and services of which some have been incorporated to a separate company. Today Macmadigan is focusing at newtech and fintech initiatives including things like software robotics, AI, machine learning, blockchain, e-invoicing, supply chain financing, invoice financing and PSD2. These are the new innovations that are at the verge of changing the world like internet changed since 1998 and some changed since Facebook was established in 2004.

Experience and involvement